British Prime Minister Johnson refused to admit guilt in violation of quarantine and resign.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson still “interprets in his own way” the events surrounding the lockdown scandal in 2020: he refuses to consider it a violation of sanitary measures and is not going to resign, even despite public censure. The Times newspaper writes about Johnson’s refusal to admit guilt in violation of quarantine, citing sources in the prime minister’s entourage.

The politician said that he had paid the fine issued by the Metropolitan police following the investigation. During the next meeting with members of the British Parliament, Johnson is going to focus on Ukraine, stressing that this is a more important issue on the agenda.

“He will focus on his close cooperation with President [of Ukraine Volodymyr] Zelenskiy, on the renewed focus on fighting the cost-of-living crisis and on his upcoming visit to India on Thursday,” the source said.

British journalists called the scandal that broke out around Boris Johnson and other members of the government, who were caught organizing parties during the lockdown in 2020. This fact was revealed thanks to a journalistic investigation, the results of which were published in December 2021. Johnson apologized for partying in Downing Street, but refused to resign.