A member of the Conservative Party of Britain believes that Johnson’s departure from the post of prime minister is inevitable

The removal of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from his post is inevitable, said Charles Walker, a member of the Conservative Party. The Guardian writes about this on February 6.

“It’s bound to end with him leaving, so I just want him to have some leeway in that,” he said.

Conservative MP for Wimbledon Stephen Hammond also expressed the opinion that for Johnson, the current situation “definitely looks like the beginning of the end.”

At the end of January 2022, a senior civil servant of the British government, Sue Gray, published an investigation report on Boris Johnson’s parties, according to which events in Downing Street during lockdown were recognized as a serious violation of ethics standards. The conclusions indicate that, given the epidemiological situation in the country, some of the parties at Johnson’s residence should not have been held the way they were organized.

After this scandal, mass resignations took place in the Prime Minister’s team.