Over the past few years, Justin Bieber has become interested in spirituality and mental health issues and has learned to set personal boundaries. In an interview, he noted that he no longer carries a phone with him but uses an iPad to communicate with his team.

“I have learned to set boundaries. I no longer feel that I owe something to someone. It helps me to say no more decisively. I know that in my heart, I want to help people, but I cannot do everything for everyone, ” Justin said.

He noted that “when the clock is six in the evening, he turns into Justin, the husband.” Bieber also said that he gets up at eight in the morning, so he goes to bed early.

The singer also talked about his “mistakes of the past”, noting that he has matured and re-evaluated many things. Justin says that he “achieved great success so often” that he already realized that this does not affect his happiness in any way. “I used to strive for success, high performance, but inside I was empty. All my relationships were painful, but I had all this success. I had the money. It didn’t fill me up, ” the singer shared. Then Bieber, he said, turned to God and began to work on his mental health.

“I just changed my priorities. I didn’t want to be another young musician who broke down. There was a time when I associated my personality with career success. But now I want to use music only for inspiration, ”said the artist. He also noted that he thanks God and asks for his forgiveness. But above all, Justin tries to forgive and accept himself. “Sooner or later, I want to say:“ Look, I have an experience behind me that I’m not proud of. But I looked in the mirror and decided that I would change. And you can do the same, ” the singer shared.