Three years ago, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin officially became husband and wife – at that time, the musician was 24 years old, and his chosen one was 21. At first, the lovers signed in New York, and a year later, they staged a luxurious wedding ceremony in South Carolina.

In a new interview with American Elle, 24-year-old Haley remembered how she decided to marry her boyfriend. The star noted that she was very young at that time, but at the same time, she perfectly understood that she was already ready for marriage.

I got married two months before I turned 22. Of course, I was very young. It even sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud. However, by that time, Justin and I had already lived enough to understand what we really want, – said Haley.

Justin and Haley met in their teens. In 2016, they had a short romance, after which Bieber returned to Selena Gomez for another two years. When, in 2018, Justin and Selena finally broke up, feelings flared up between the musician and the model, which led them to marriage. In an interview, Haley said that once she and Justin were reunited, he was ready to settle down:

We were friends for a long time before we became romantically involved. However, we always knew what we want from the future. We talked about the fact that we want to get married, build a family, and live at a young age. We discussed this even before we realized that we wanted to be together.

Hailey also remembered the wave of negativity in social networks she had to face immediately after marriage. The girl admitted that Internet users trolled her so harshly because of Justin’s wedding that she even had to briefly restrict access to her subscriber page not to harm her own mental health.

At the very beginning of our marriage, I wanted to hide from everyone. I thought: “I don’t want anyone to meddle in my affairs. Can’t I have any more personal space? Can I get something from my old life back?” Then someone advised me to turn off comments on Instagram, which would immediately reduce the audience’s interest in our engagement. Then I thought, “I don’t care about this damn engagement! People are terrorizing me!” – said Haley.

Recall that Justin and Hailey Bieber always talk publicly about their feelings for each other. Recently, the singer congratulated his wife on her birthday and admitted that his biggest dream at the moment is to live with Hayley all his life until old age.