Justin Royland spoke about whether Morty will graduate from high school and if the other characters will age.

Rick and Morty’s fifth season will premiere today, July 20. Against this background, one of the authors of the project, Justin Royland, in an interview for Collider, told how time goes on in the series, where the mad scientist and his grandson are constantly traveling across different universes.

“It was always a mixture of single episodes and related episodes, because there is never a shortage of crazy ideas to make a great episode,” Roiland said.

He emphasized that he loves the series precisely for the opportunity to show the consequences of previous events, but to do it in such a way that the overall picture does not change too much. When asked how much time has passed in the show since the premiere of the first season, Justin could not give a clear answer. Rick and Morty first aired in December 2013, but Royland believes that “less time has passed on the show itself.”

The co-author of the project also noted that all the characters are tied to the same age in the spirit of “The Simpsons”, where the characters are in an eternal time bubble. Morty and his older sister go to school, and so far the creators of the show do not want to change that.

“I don’t want to see Morty graduate from high school. Personally, I would prefer to have the school theme always on the table because there are so many funny stories and for me it’s a great place for characters and plots,” Roiland explained.