Kamala Harris discussed the humanitarian crisis on the border of Poland and Belarus with the President of France.

The United States is “very concerned” about the situation on the border of Poland and Belarus, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris said on Friday.

“As for the problem of Belarus and what is happening on the border with Poland, we are very concerned about it and pay close attention to it,” Harris said, answering journalists’ questions at a press conference in Paris.

“I believe that the Lukashenka regime is carrying out very disturbing activities. This is what I discussed with President Macron, and the whole world and its leaders are watching what is happening there,” she added.

The European Union has accused Belarus of organizing a “hybrid attack” on neighboring Poland by bringing thousands of migrants into the country, mainly from the Middle East, and pushing them to try to illegally enter Poland. The EU is preparing to impose new sanctions against Minsk.

According to the Reuters news agency, Secretary of State Antony Blinken also said on Friday morning that the United States is very concerned about Belarus’ attempts to use the migration problem as a “political weapon.” The head of the Department of State added that Washington has “various tools” at its disposal for interaction with Minsk.

NATO said today that the alliance expects a possible escalation of the situation on the borders of NATO countries with Belarus after Belarusian and Russian paratroopers conducted joint exercises near the borders of Poland and Lithuania.

“We will remain vigilant against the risk of further escalation and provocations by Belarus on its borders with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia, and will continue to monitor the consequences for the security of the alliance,” the North Atlantic Council, the main political decision-making body within NATO, said in a statement. “The NATO allies call on Belarus to stop these actions, respect human rights and fundamental freedoms and comply with the norms of international law.”