American rapper Kanye West deleted all photos from his Instagram account after statements about the desire to return his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Pictures and videos of the hip-hop artist disappeared on the night of Tuesday, November 30.

The account with 9.5 million subscribers remains active. The only publication in the account of West, who had previously officially changed his name to Ye and abandoned his surname, was a video in which he declares in front of a crowd of parishioners in one of the churches in Los Angeles that God wants him to be reunited with his ex-wife.

Earlier it was reported that West made a speech at the church about how important his reunion with the Kardashians is. “Because if the enemy can divide Kimye (Kim and Ye), then there will be millions of families who will think that such a gap is normal. But when God reunites Kimye, there will be millions of families who will be affected by this, and they will be able to survive the gap, the trauma,” the rapper said.