After 35-year-old Irina Shayk refused a date to 44-year-old Kanye West (the rapper invited her to accompany him on a trip to a fashion show in Paris), he decided to unwind. Eyewitnesses saw him while he was having fun with friends in San Francisco. Despite the fact that the romance of the top model and the rapper faded, and Irina offered to remain friends, Kanye West was in a “really good mood.” According to an insider to Us Weekly, Kanye was having a good time.

The musician and Grammy winner met a group of friends at the Smoke Club in San Francisco on Wednesday to watch a basketball game in the NBA Finals. West, according to an eyewitness, was “relaxed and content” throughout the evening. At one point, Kanye stood up and gave a heartfelt speech in which he expressed his gratitude to basketball player Chris Paul, who is still giving his best in the league 15 years later.

He made a rather powerful speech, shared the source, comparing this moment with the Sunday sermon.

Shortly before his trip to California, insiders reported that Kanye’s barely begun romance with Irina Shayk had died out.

Kanye and Irina don’t chat as often anymore. She wants to stay on friendly terms and keep in touch, but she pulls back a little, reported the publication Page Six, citing a source surrounded by the ex-couple.

Kanye and Irina have been friends for several years, Irina even took part in the filming of the rapper’s video. Rumors of their romantic relationship began to surface after West broke up with Kim Kardashian. In February, the 40-year-old reality TV star filed for divorce from Kanye after nearly seven years of marriage. Now parents are seeking joint custody of children: seven-year-old North, five-year-old Saint, three-year-old Chicago and two-year Psalm. It was reported that the ex-wife of the musician is not against Kanye’s relationship with Irina.

Irina, in turn, has a four-year-old daughter, Leia, with 46-year-old actor Bradley Cooper. Unlike Kanye and Kim, the ex-couple managed to peacefully agree on joint custody of the girl. Parents spend time with their daughter in peace and harmony. Insiders point out that Bradley and Irina clearly benefited from the gap.