Kanye West does not give up trying to prick not only Kim Kardashian, but also her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. And if earlier he spread rumors about his illness and mentioned him in his tracks, now the rapper also “cancels” performers who are friends with the comedian.

So, the performer Kid Cudi, who was supposed to have a track with Kanye, came under attack. “Just so you know, Cudi won’t be on “Donda 2″ because he’s friends with you know who,” Complex quotes Kanye West’s message.

And Ye posted a photo of Pete and Kim on his Instagram (although their faces are not visible on it) and wrote: “Look at this jerk, I wonder if Instagram will close my page after insulting Hillary Clinton’s boyfriend.” Note that Pete supported Hillary during the presidential election. And, apparently, they still have a great relationship. Pete and the former presidential candidate even have a tattoo in common.