Kanye West is asking for joint custody of his four children after divorcing Kim Kardashian, TMZ reports. While Kim doesn’t mind Kanye’s interactions with the kids, she didn’t mean split custody equally.

As reported recently by a source from Kim and Kanye’s circle, the former spouses have disagreements over parenting. “They have a slightly different outlook. They have different views on the upbringing of children. What they want from life and for their heirs does not always coincide, “– said the informant in the comment to People.

It is also known that the rapper cut off all contacts with Instagram and told her that she could only contact him through his representatives. West continues to see the children at the family home in Calabasas but has requested that Kim not be present during his visits.

Insiders note that none of the former spouses requires material support from the other. It is reported that West left Kardashian some of the property he acquired during his marriage, including the mentioned house.

The divorce of the star of the couple and other details of their relationship are still unknown. But rumour has it that Kim is planning a big interview with Oprah Winfrey about her marriage to Kanye.