Insiders at Page Six reported that Kanye West returned to the house in Calabasas, where Kim Kardashian stayed, to pick up his stuff.

According to the newspaper, the rapper took 500 pairs of his own shoes from the house, including a large collection of sneakers. As the insider notes, Kanye did not take all things, and Kim left the mansion before his arrival to not intersect with her husband.

Earlier, another informant from the star family circle said that Kardashian and West live separately and do not talk to each other. According to him, the couple wants a divorce, but Kim is delaying the filing of documents. However, according to the source, this is just a formality, because the divorce has already taken place for them.

“Kim is trying to be strong and move on. She has not yet submitted the documents, because she is thinking over how to declare a divorce. But in her mind, the divorce has already taken place. For Kanye, this relationship is also over. He doesn’t care why Kim is delaying filing documents. He is ready to serve them himself, even if she is not ready. He wants a divorce just like Kim, ”the source shared.

One of the insiders also said that Kim plans to celebrate the divorce from West with a party on the island.