Despite the fact that in public, the Duchess is forbidden to flaunt expensive jewelry, Kate still has such at her disposal.

In November 2010, Kate Middleton’s life turned abruptly – after 10 years of relationship with Prince William, he finally proposed to her. From an ordinary girl from Berkshire, Middleton has turned into a royal personage with privileges. And although Kate is forbidden to flaunt expensive jewelry in public, she still has them.

Kate’s main jewel is a breathtaking engagement ring with a 12-carat oval sapphire and 14 diamonds set in white gold, which was once worn by Princess Diana herself. Its cost is estimated at 550 thousand dollars, and the peculiarity is that, unlike other jewelry, it was not made to order.

After the death of Diana, this ring passed into the possession of Prince Harry. The younger brother gave it to William without controversy when he decided to marry. No one knows what the fate of the jewelry would have been if Sussex had met Megan earlier.

Among other things, Kate has a royal tiara for a million dollars. 19 pearls, 19 diamond arches and the same number of diamond spikes – all this beauty belonged to Queen Mary. In 1914, she ordered it from Garrard & Co, and later gave it to her granddaughter Elizabeth II. Elizabeth gave the tiara to Diana, and later Kate became her mistress.

Queen Mary’s Diamond Choker Bracelet is another piece of Kate’s jewelery that she inherited from Queen Mary. The Duchess of Cambridge wore it at diplomatic receptions in 2016 and 2018. The accessory was remade from the choker of Elizabeth II’s grandmother at the beginning of the last century. The Queen Mother wore diamond jewelry as a bracelet.

Kate’s most budgetary set is a Cartier necklace for only 160 thousand dollars. This massive necklace of intertwined rings (as a symbol of the Olympics) was crafted from white, yellow and rose gold. Among other things, this set also includes earrings.