Only a few weeks remain until the 35-year-old Katy Perry and her 43-year-old fiancé Orlando Bloom become parents. The couple is waiting for this event with great joy and trepidation, and yesterday the singer told how they are preparing for the birth of their daughter.

Perry admitted that Orlando is very excited about the prospect of becoming the girl’s father.

I think he is very glad that we will have a daughter. It’s said that little girls are dad’s daughters. This is how it will be. We’ll see, ”said Katie.

She added that, despite being no less excited than her fiancé, she is now experiencing a full range of emotions, as she prepares for impending motherhood amid a coronavirus pandemic and social unrest.

I was depressed, I was excited, I was happy, I was overjoyed. There are crazy times in the world, and this is a crazy time to give the world a new life, ”Perry said.

As for the name of her daughter, the star explained why they still have not decided on him.

“I think, while we still have a choice, and she will tell us everything … I will look at her and understand: Yes, it’s for sure. It’s you,” Katie explained.