In a new episode of American Idol, on which Katy Perry is a jury member, the singer shared her new perspectives on motherhood.

One of the participants in the show was a brother and sister, who sang the song together. In a conversation with the judges, they noted that they were born with a difference of exactly one year.

Katie’s colleague, Luke Brian, jokingly commented on this moment: “That’s how long it took your mom to recover.”

To which Perry replied with a laugh: “In this case, there is no recovery at all!” The singer, who first became a mother last year, explained that after the birth of her daughter, Daisy Dove, she reconsidered her attitude towards the idea of ​​having multiple children.

“I used to dream of twins. And now I have one child, and I’m going crazy, “– said Katie. After these words, her brother and sister noted that they are the eldest of eight children in the family. Perry was horrified.

Both during pregnancy and after childbirth, Katie was frank with her audience and did not try to seem like an ideal mother in every sense. The singer talked about the discomfort while waiting for the baby, and after the appearance of the baby, she did not hide the figure and her natural appearance of the newly-made mom. Katie admitted that she has to wear shaping underwear for filming. Recently, Perry also noted that after her daughter’s birth, she said goodbye to the usual six-hour sleep but tries to compensate for this with a 20-minute meditation.

But at the same time, Katie calls motherhood “the best job” and notes that caring for her daughter made her reevaluate many things and make friends with discipline.