Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves answered a question about possible participation in Marvel films in an interview on the YouTube channel of Esquire magazine. He stated his desire to appear in films of the cinematic universe and added that it would be an honor for him.

“Isn’t this more than just the universe? It’s almost a multiverse. And it is special: in terms of scale, ambition, production. So it would be great to join that,” Reeves said. He also noted that Marvel films are made by directors who do things that no one has done before them.

In February, it was reported that Sony Pictures offered Keanu Reeves a role in a new Marvel comics movie. The star of “The Matrix” can play the role of the supervillain Craven-Hunter, whose real name is Sergei Nikolaevich Kravinov. The movie “Craven” directed by J.C. Chandor will be a spin-off of the new series of films “Spider-Man.”