The fourth phase of the MCU has finally kicked off, and since the studio is now in development with many projects with the participation of the most popular superheroes, the debut of “Young Avengers” – just a matter of time. And Kevin Feige, as it turned out, was already thinking about what this storyline could mean for the future of the franchise.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the head of Marvel Studios was asked if the appearance of the Young Avengers in the MCU was worth waiting for, and he replied that as a fan of comics, he is always inspired by everything that can be found in them, and each of the storylines can serve for him a landmark.

“The way and in what form all these things come together is often not in line with expectations, but it is always a real pleasure to stumble upon them. You can definitely see that the fourth phase introduces new characters with infinite potential, ”said the producer.

Feige added that it was a special pleasure for him to meet new actors and inform them that they will be part of a much larger universe than he could imagine. “They just need to do the work necessary to build their own audience,” he clarified. And in these words, there seems to be a clear hint that Wiccan and Speed ​​(twin sons of Wanda) and Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, who appeared in Wanda / Vision, have a great future.

By the way, these are not all the characters from “Young Avengers”, which will soon be presented in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So a new generation of superheroes is really on the way.