The Republican leader in the House of Representatives proposes to deprive Federal aid to local authorities that will not protect the monument.

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday introduced a bill limiting Federal aid to States and municipalities that will not protect monuments from destruction during riots.

“Erasing our history is wrong,” McCarthy said.

Under the bill, co-sponsored by Republicans Jim Jordan and Sam graves, local governments will lose part of Federal-aid if “they do not restore order or arrest rioters.”

During the protests that erupted over the murder of African-American George Floyd, some demonstrators began to destroy monuments to historical figures that owned slaves or fought for the Confederacy.

President Donald Trump has condemned the destruction of monuments and sharply criticized lawmakers who are proposing to demolish them.

Democrats in the House of Representatives are pushing a bill to demolish monuments to slave owners and politicians who supported slavery.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said that the bill could be passed in the coming weeks.