Khloe Kardashian hosted an impressive 3rd birthday celebration for her daughter True. The celebrity shared all the details of the party on her Instagram page.

So, fun awaited the young Kardashian heiress from the very morning. Judging by the publications, Chloe decorated the entire mansion with pastel-coloured balls. At the house entrance, the birthday girl was awaited by relatives and animators disguised as Disney princesses.

The main celebration took place in the courtyard of the house. Several huge tables were laid there with the girl’s favourite sweets, and all kinds of entertainment were also awaited: trampolines and animators. True was delighted with the grandiose trampoline and refused to leave it.

In honour of the holiday, Chloe published a festive photo session of her daughter on her Instagram page, along with a touching congratulation.

“Every time I almost cry when I call you baby Tru, and you correct me. You answer me in the sweetest voice: I am not a child! I’m already a big girl! However, I’m still not ready for you to become an adult! No matter how old you are, you will always be my baby, True. You changed my life, as I could not even dream, ” writes a happy mother.

Chloe confesses that her daughter has become her “greatest reward” and best friend.