The ex-wife of rapper Kanye West began a black streak in life. Kim bogged down in court with former employees who accuse her of non-payment of wages, and failed her legal exam. And now an annoying admirer is also hunting her.

According to TMZ, the star was forced to go to law enforcement because a man tried to break into her house. According to the publication, Kim has already received a protective order against a fan, which for several months makes her “live in fear.”

“He continues to write messages to her on social networks and insists on the need to make physical contact with her, confesses his love to her. Several times Kim noticed that a stranger was trying to break into her house and was filming her, ”a police source said.

It is known that the annoying man’s name is Charles Peter Zelenoff, he was twice tried for beatings. Now he is forbidden to approach the house of the star closer than a hundred meters. Otherwise, the 32-year-old fan will be arrested.