According to Kim’s source, the Kardashian Family reality star has yet to file for divorce from Kanye West; this is just a formality. In a comment for E! An insider told News that Kim and Kanye’s relationship is “completely over, and they no longer speak to each other.”

“She tries to be strong and move on. She has not yet submitted the documents, because she is thinking over how to declare a divorce. But in her mind, the divorce has already taken place. For Kanye, this relationship is also over. He doesn’t care why Kim is delaying filing documents. He is ready to serve them himself, even if she is not ready. He wants a divorce just like Kim, “- shared the source.

In early January, another insider said that Kim and Kanye had not lived together for several months, but they keep in touch for the children’s sake. Simultaneously, the informant emphasized that the children of the stellar family are used to their father’s travels and do not quite understand what is happening between their parents.

“Their children do not really understand what is happening, because they are still too young, but there is nothing new for them. Their parents have already travelled a lot, Kanye has been away from home so often, so they are not surprised. But Kim and Kanye will do everything for their children, ” the source said.