The reality TV star and mother of four, Kim Kardashian, said little about how her divorce proceeded after seven years of living together with the famous rapper Kanye West. But during a conversation with the host of the Kardashian Family show Andy Cohen, Kim shared how she treats her ex-husband now.

“We have a great relationship between parents and I respect him very much. For a long time he was primarily my friend. And that hasn’t changed. I will forever be Kanye’s biggest fan. He is the father of my children. He will always be my family,” admitted Kardashian.

According to her, they made every possible effort to save the family for the sake of the children, but were unable to overcome some of their differences of opinion. The TV star made it clear that her values ​​have changed a lot since she first met Kanye in 2012.

Kim assured viewers that there was “a lot of love” in her relationship with West in the past. It is the marriage with him that she calls her “first real”, although before that she had been married to director Damon Thomas for four years, and was also the wife of basketball player Chris Humphries for 72 days.