Fans suspected the American TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian of losing the volume of the buttocks. The corresponding Instagram post and user comments were noticed in the Mirror.

In the pictures posted on the social network, the 40-year-old celebrity is standing full-length sideways to the camera, posing against the background of palm trees with his youngest son Psalm in his arms. She is dressed in a black sports top and tight leggings. “I’ve never met such love before,” she captioned a series of shots that gained four million likes.

Fans noticed a decrease in the forms of the Kardashians and wrote about it in the comments. “What happened to your buttocks, Kim? They have become… Less?”, “Where did you leave your famous forms?”, “Kim Kardashian lost weight!” they wrote.

In an interview with the publication, London plastic surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe also pointed out the change in the figure of the TV star. “Compared to earlier pictures, now the upper part of Kim’s buttocks looks empty. Something was clearly extracted from there,” the expert said. He suggested that Kim Kardashian had implants removed from her thighs or had liposuction.

The TV star herself has not yet answered questions about the changes in appearance.