Kitty Spencer and Michael Lewis honeymoon in Italy

In late July, the late Princess Diana’s 30-year-old niece Kitty Spencer married 62-year-old South African millionaire Michael Lewis. Three days after a luxurious celebration, which took place in an old Italian palazzo in the town of Frascati near Rome, the secular lioness, along with her new husband, went on a honeymoon trip to the south of Italy.

The newlyweds stayed in a fashionable hotel in Positano on the Amalfi Coast, the cost of one night in which reaches five thousand dollars. The couple had to take a short break from their honeymoon over the weekend. First, Kitty went to a friend’s wedding in the UK, and then dropped by in France. However, yesterday she returned to Italy to continue a romantic vacation with her lover.

Home sweet home, as Spencer captioned a video from her Positano villa in her story.

Kitty and her husband spent yesterday evening in one of the local restaurants, which boasts one Michelin star. On average, dinner at this establishment, famous for its gourmet cuisine, large wine list and gorgeous views of the sea and mountains, costs from $ 130 to $ 210 per person. A small surprise awaited Spencer at this restaurant – a card with words of gratitude and congratulations on the recent wedding from the owners of the establishment.

Thanks for staying with us! Congratulations, it was written on the card.

Kitty went to dinner in an outfit from her friendly brand Dolce & Gabbana – it was the designers of this fashion house that Spencer entrusted with the creation of all five dresses for her wedding celebration. This time, Princess Diana’s niece opted for an orange crinkle dress to fit her figure, complemented by sandals with sparkling stones.

Kitty Spencer started this morning with beautiful views again. At first, the secular lioness admired the fantastic views of the sea and mountains, and then went to breakfast with her husband. After Kitty, together with her lover, they moved to the pool.

Kitty Spencer and Michael Lewis have been together for about three years. Before her wedding to a South African businessman, whose fortune is estimated at $ 100 million, the secular lioness converted to Judaism in order to be of the same faith with her lover. For Kitty, this was the first marriage, but Michael already has experience in family life. From the previous wife, the millionaire has three adult children.

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