It’s hard to believe that the graceful and charming Kylie Minogue is 50 years old. There were many significant events in the life of the famous pop performer of the Green Continent – and if the fight against cancer has become an indelible dark spot, then the meeting with 44-year-old Paul Solomons turned out to be one of the brightest events.

Kylie noted the following: “the event” continues its third year and is not going to end. She told Heat magazine that the delights and experiences of a young age are quite possible in adulthood:

“When I saw Paul for the first time, I had such a feeling inside … if you want, call him ‘magical’ … After a few dates I realized: I finally managed to find something special. My friends noticed the change in behaviour too. “

The singer clarified that the magic of the relationship with Paul Solomons is unshakable: “Maybe it’s not exactly butterflies in the stomach, or the whole sky is in diamonds, but definitely next to these concepts … so I’m happy to be with Paul! He helped me in the difficult months of creative stagnation, after finishing work on the album Golden, and became a real gold of my heart – he managed to charm not only me but also my 100-year-old grandmother! “