Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard spoke about the upcoming FA Cup semi-finals, in which his team will face Manchester United.

“I only think about this season, what it means for us, what it means for the team, for the players and the club’s management.

The year was difficult, sometimes people doubted whether we could reach a certain level. Now we have reached the FA Cup semi-finals and are showing great shape in this tournament, and to advance further, we need to fight another team that plays great. This is my motivation to win, all other arguments end here: the main thing is what it means for the team and the club’s management.

I was lucky and won this trophy as a player. I grew up on this, on the victories of my father in 1975 and 1980, so I have very strong feelings for this tournament, and for me, nothing has changed over the years. But now that I have become a coach, every tournament in which you can win a trophy is important to me, and I will be very proud to bring the team of my favorite club to Wembley. Even though this is the semi-finals, this is a severe fight with Manchester United, and I will be very proud on Sunday, ” the official website of Chelsea quotes Lampard.