The Lancet magazine published a study that compiled the most common complications from COVID-19.

During the study, the authors observed the condition of 70 thousand Britons. Most often, complications from the disease occur in people over 60 years old, but they could also affect young people.

The most common complications:

  • renal – 24%
  • respiratory – 18%,
  • systemic – 16%,
  • cardiovascular complications – 12%
  • neurological – 4%,
  • gastrointestinal and hepatic – less than one percent.

The most common diagnoses were acute kidney injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, liver damage, anemia, and cardiac arrhythmia.

The complication rate increased with age and occurred in 39% of people aged 19 to 49 compared with 51% in the age group 50 and older. Scientists have warned that some of them will face the long-term effects of the infection.