The 34-year-old star of the series “Gossip Girl” and her husband Adam Brody again became parents: the couple had a son. Brody confirmed this news on the Twitch show The Fun Time Boys Game Night Spectacular, where he recently became a guest.

We have a child. It’s a boy, a boy of dreams

said Adam.

Leighton and Adam got married in 2014, and a year later they had a daughter, Arlo. The actors are not only married and raising a child, but also act in films together. In the spring, when Mister was pregnant with her son, she talked about working with her husband on the TV series Single Parents, where Brody played the heroine’s former lover Mister and the father of her child.

He’s a daddy, both in real life and on-screen. Sometimes I think: “Oh, yes, I forgot, we are really married.” It was great to be filming with him

Leighton pointed out.

Leighton was asked how the on-screen Brodie father was different from the real one.

On the show, he is a little wacky but very cute and lovable. In real life, this is 98 percent wrong. He usually acts like an adult

answered Meester.

At the same time, the actress and her husband do not like to talk about their family life, especially about their children.

I am very proud of my personal space and value it. But I am also proud of my career. I think it’s like this: either you are a star or you are a mom. There are no intermediate options,

Says Leighton.