Electric vehicles are gradually taking up an increasing share of the global automotive industry. If not long ago it was a rarity to see an electric car on the street, today, even in our latitudes, electric cars are a common thing.

There are already hundreds of electric car manufacturers in the world, but electric cars from the largest tech giants (with the exception of Tesla) have not yet been presented to the general public. One of these giants is Apple, which has been talking about its own Apple Car for quite some time.

It looks like the implementation of Apple’s plans is entering the home stretch. The Korea Times reports that Apple is in active negotiations with several South Korean car makers to create various parts that will be included in the Apple Car.

For example, one such company is LG Magna e-Powertrain, which is a partnership between LG Electronics and Magna International. On the other hand, batteries for Apple’s electric car are likely to be produced by the Korean company SK Innovation, which is also in intensive negotiations with the American side.

In all likelihood, the Apple Car battery will not be lithium-ion, but lithium phosphate (LFP). This is due to the fact that the latter is much safer, does not develop high temperatures and, accordingly, does not lead to spontaneous combustion.

However, here comes an interesting point: LFPs are not manufactured in South Korea, so, according to The Korea Times, LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation will export the production of such batteries to the United States, where, apparently, their factories are already under construction.