The star shared the happy news on her personal blog.

35-year-old Lindsay Lohan came out of the shadows and actively shares with subscribers the details of her life on her personal blog. Recently it became known that Lohan has returned to acting and will star in a romantic comedy about Christmas.

However, today Lindsay shocked fans with unexpected news: she’s getting married! The actress posted on her personal blog a series of pictures with her boyfriend, where she happily shows an elegant ring on her finger.

And what is known about Lindsay’s future husband? The young man’s name is Bader Shammas, and he is of Arab origin. Shammas’s personal blog is closed, but there is little information on the Web about what he does.

Bader Shammas worked as a deputy vice president of a multinational financial company, which was located in Dubai, and then in a branch of this company in Kuwait, but already as a director. The age of the future husband, his family, and hobbies are unknown.