Today, players from 29 countries of the world have the opportunity to preload mobile Lineage2M.

Users of the CIS countries, some countries of Eastern Europe and 19 others can download the game in:

  • Google play
  • App Store.
  • PURPLE cross-platform service.

Players who have downloaded Lineage2M through PURPLE will have access to prizes, namely:

  • One event “Agathion Card” (one application)
  • One event “Class Map” (one application) after the start of the entertainment.

A lot of content has been prepared for the global release of Lineage2M, including:

  • “Aden Space”, allowing you to get rewards when special conditions are met.
  • The Novice Pass, which allows you to earn a Hero Rank Skill Book by completing basic missions.
  • Catacombs of the Apostates, where you can fight other players and get a variety of rewards, including “Upgrade Stones”.

Lineage2M will be released on December 2nd.