Vilnius is developing new control rules for sanctioned cargo.

Restrictions on trade flows to Kaliningrad will remain in place while Lithuania develops new control rules for some sanctioned cargo.

This was stated on Thursday by Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte at a press conference.

She did not name the timing of the introduction of new rules.

Kaliningrad, bordering the EU countries and relying in most cases on railways and highways passing through Lithuania, has been deprived of part of freight traffic from Russia since June 17 due to sanctions imposed by Brussels.

Restrictions on the transit of goods have created an aggravation of tensions between Moscow, Brussels and Lithuania, and on Wednesday the European Commission said that Russian goods subject to sanctions could transit through the territory of the bloc by rail to Kaliningrad.

The European Commission’s guidelines published on Wednesday state that trade sanctions should not be applied to transportation between Russia and Kaliningrad if the volumes do not exceed the average over the past three years, reflecting “real demand for essential goods at the destination.”