Now the U.S. military is in this Baltic country on a rotational basis.

The Lithuanian President said that his country would ask the United States to deploy troops on its territory on a permanent basis.

Gitanas Nauseda’s statement came amid attempts by Western allies to strengthen security due to concerns about Russia’s military intentions in the region.

“Of course, we will talk with the United States about the rotational American forces being in Lithuania permanently,” Nauseda said at a press conference.

“This would be the best security and deterrence measure that NATO can offer not only to Lithuania, but also to the entire region,” he added.

Since 2019, the United States has been regularly sending combat groups of about 500 people to Lithuania on a rotational basis.

The Lithuanian President’s statement came on the same day that the Netherlands announced that it would increase the number of its troops in the NATO combat group in Lithuania from 270 to 350 people.