Lockheed Martin has announced plans to deploy a 5G network in space. It will be possible to connect to the devices without additional equipment on Earth.

Lockheed Martin’s space division has entered into a strategic partnership with Omnispace. They will launch satellites to jointly explore the possibilities of 5G in space.

“We have been researching the global 5G network for a long time, which allows users to seamlessly switch between satellite and terrestrial networks,” Omnispace CEO Ram Viswanathan told CNBC.

According to him, the needs of users will never fade away, and the requirements for the number of communications around the world will only grow. “Omnispace has the infrastructure and understanding of how to offer this service and send it to the mobile device,” said Viswanathan.

These two companies will be among the leaders in space data transmission, their closest competitors are Starlink, a company specializing in satellite communications with smartphones AST & Science, as well as OneWeb and Telesat networks focused on large companies.

The researchers noted that other players in the market are creating LEO satellite constellations, but Omnispace offers the ability to connect directly to the device without bulky equipment on Earth.