The second day of the state visit of US President Donald Trump to London is accompanied by violent protests.
The protests began the day before. In addition, the participants of the shares are doing everything possible to make it clear to Trump that in the Kingdom he is not welcome. On the field near the airport, where the number one Board was supposed to land, a huge penis was carved and the words “Trump!”, “global warming exists.”

President Donald Trump

This morning, a huge balloon in the form of a capricious little Trump flew on the British capital. Moreover, don Lessem from Philadelphia spent $ 25,000 to create a huge robotic Trump doll sitting on a gold toilet bowl that utters Trump’s famous phrases: “No collusion” and “Fake news.” According to Lessem, his 5-meter statue is as big as trump’s ego. He believes that the British should know that there are Americans who do not support Trump.


Protesters dressed in t-shirts with the words “No Trump, no racism!», «Trump should be in prison” and the like.