British robotics company Engineered Arts has shown a new robot. He has very realistic facial expressions.

The British company Engineered Arts showed the public the humanoid robot Ameca. According to the creators, it was made in the image of a person and endowed with human facial expressions – it easily demonstrates such emotions as surprise, delight, discontent and their corresponding facial expressions. It even has a characteristic facial wrinkle pattern. In a story-driven teaser video on YouTube, the developers showed how a robot wakes up in a laboratory, distorts its face in a grimace of shock, and then examines its hands in disbelief.

Ameca runs the Tritium operating system from Engineered Arts, which allows robotics companies to test their technology – be it artificial intelligence or machine learning. Also, a humanoid robot allows you to demonstrate technology in front of a live audience. Engineered Arts may even rent out Ameca for exhibitions or television work, according to the company’s website.

A video with a short presentation went viral on the network, and users reacted to the robot ambiguously. Despite the fact that Ameca was created in order to “establish and study human-robot interaction” through believable facial expressions, it scared Twitter users. Some of them ironically remarked that such developments would lead to a revolt of robots.

“I’ve watched a lot of robot films and none of them ended up good for humanity.”

Another user remembered the movie “I Am a Robot” and compared Ameca to a robot that was holding a woman hostage in the story.

Ameca will be on display at CES 2022 Invention Show, scheduled for January 2022.