OneZoom is a project for studying life on Earth and its evolutionary history. It has data on how many species are endangered.

The OneZoom browser, available at, displays connections between 2.2 million living species. Using the interactive tree of life, users can zoom in on any kind and explore its relationships with others in a seamless visualization on a single web page.

The OneZoom project was developed by Imperial College London biodiversity researcher Dr. James Rosindell and Oxford University evolutionary biologist Dr. Ian Wong. In an article published today in the journal Methods of Ecology and Evolution, Dr. Wong and Rosindell presented the result of a decade of work, gradually creating what they believe to be “Google Earth in the world of biology.”

“By developing new algorithms for visualizing and manipulating data and combining them with ‘big data’ collected from several sources, we have created something wonderful. Anyone can see how evolutionary history links all life on Earth, ”said Dr. Wong of the University of Oxford’s Big Data Institute.

The developers made the software free for educational organizations to download and use. “Two million species are too many for conventional visualization, and no museum or zoo can accommodate all of them. But our tool allows us to represent all species on Earth and understand people to understand their plight, ”concludes Dr. Rosindell.