Actor Macaulay Culkin will launch a documentary show about his own midlife crisis.

American actor Macaulay Culkin will create a series about his midlife crisis. This is reported by Deadline.

The 40-year-old artist will launch the project together with the production company Lightbox. The documentary show will be called “Macaulay Culkin’s Midlife Crisis.”

It is clarified that for the series, the actor will go on a journey, during which he will try to find answers to his questions about aging and age-related changes. He will also try to understand how to perceive aging in a society obsessed with youth, what to consider success and how to maintain passion despite the years.

“Wow, Lightbox. Thank you for reminding me that I’m 40. Well, instead of attaching great importance to this, I think we should just make a show about it,” said Culkin about the new project.