Not so long ago, Apple switched its new laptops to proprietary M1 processors. You can’t argue that there are no questions about performance at all, but recently users began to complain about cracking screens.

The 9to5Mac edition found complaints about cracks on forums and communities, despite the fact that no one touched the laptop at all at that time. For example, one user told the following story:

“I have a Macbook Pro M1. Bought in March 2021. Yesterday morning I opened it and found cracks on the screen. I contacted Apple and was forced to pay £ 570 up front to have it repaired. I told them that I had done nothing to damage the screen, but they replied that their specialists would decide if I damaged it.”

The issue affects both M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro. Basically, cracks appear after closing the lid. Here are some more similar stories:

“I bought a MacBook Air M1 6 months ago and the screen cracked for no apparent reason. I left my computer on my desk overnight, and when I opened it the next day, the screen had 2 small cracks on the right that disrupted the screen. I contacted an Apple Authorized Center who told me that Apple’s warranty does not apply as it is a crack at the point of contact.”

“The same thing happened to me. The laptop was on my desk, and when I opened it, it broke, and there were stripes on it.”

“My 17-year-old daughter was sitting at her desk, working on her MacBook Pro (M1) and closing it to take a break. When she got back to work, opening the device, she noticed that the bottom of the display was covered in flickering black and white lines, as well as perpendicular colored lines on the left side of the screen.”

“I just experienced the same thing. On July 28, I closed my laptop to take the dog outside. I went back and opened the laptop and there was a crack. “

Most likely, when closing the laptop, there really was some kind of debris that damaged the display. It is also possible that the screen bezel is too weak to properly protect the display when opening, closing and transporting. In any case, some Apple users have their devices repaired or replaced for free. But some had to fork out for repairs.