Madonna supported Britney Spears after her court appearance

The whole world continues to follow the development of the resonant case of the struggle of 39-year-old Britney Spears for her freedom. After the singer’s scandalous performance in court, in which she asked to remove her father from the post of guardian and gave shocking arguments in favor of this, many of her star colleagues have already spoken out in support of the star. They were joined by the 62-year-old Madonna.

The pop star, who in 2003 released a track titled Me Against the Music with Britney (the passionate kiss of the stars at the MTV Video Music Awards is still remembered by everyone!), Posted a story on Instagram in support of Spears. She shared a picture in which she poses in a T-shirt with the name Britney, and demanded that she finally return her freedom.

“Give this woman her life back! Slavery has been abolished a long time ago! Death to the greedy patriarchy that has treated women this way for centuries. This is a violation of human rights. Britney, we will do anything to get you out of jail!” write Madonna.

Recall that during her speech in court, Britney Spears spoke about the bullying by her father and members of her team, and also asked the judge to be released from their control. The star also admitted that until this moment she did not know that she could personally apply for the termination of custody.

“My father and everyone involved in my custody should be in jail,” Britney said.

After this loud speech, the lawyer of Spears’ father said that his client was sincerely sorry that his daughter was in such pain. He also clarified that Jamie loves Britney very much and misses her.

The other day it turned out that the lawyer of Britney herself, who had previously represented her interests in court, had resigned. Many associate his departure with the singer’s scandalous performance at the meeting: during it, she said that the defender did not advise her to speak in public and tell the public about everything. Britney also announced her desire to hire a lawyer herself, and not use the services of someone who was automatically assigned to her by the court.

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