Recently, strange news began to appear on the network associated with the name of the popular singer Madonna. Fans on various social networks began to write that they regretted the death of the pop diva. However, Madonna is now completely healthy and feels great. Such an embarrassment was due to confusion in names.

Singer Madonna was confused with the famous Argentine football player Diego Maradona, who died on November 25. By the way, the 60-year-old football player gave Argentina and the whole world many beautiful victories and, of course, left a huge mark on the history of the sport of football. His death left no one indifferent. Football players, together with fans around the world, honour the memory of the sports legend.

But along with them, the not very attentive fans of Madonna were upset, who wrote: “2020 took the legend from us. Rest in peace Madonna, queen of pop. We will miss you. ” Also, many played popular hits performed by her.

It is worth noting that those who correctly parsed the names have already posted many memes related to this situation.

At the same time, the 62-year-old pop singer did not comment on the news of her premature death.