The 24-year-old daughter of Madonna Lourdes Leon flew to Mexico with her boyfriend and friends. Even at the resort, the model and aspiring singer are scrutinising reporters around the clock.

Yesterday they managed to photograph her on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. However, Lourdes herself was clearly not embarrassed by the surveillance of the paparazzi: she, as if not noticing them, tenderly kissed and hugged her boyfriend, swam with him in the warm ocean, sunbathed under the scorching sun and talked with friends.

For a beach holiday, Lourdes opted for a tiny leopard bikini with drawstring bottoms. The girl’s mischievous image was complemented by creative colouring: several strands on her head were fiery red.

Recall that recently Lourdes Leon was at the centre of an Internet scandal. The girl started an official page on Instagram and immediately under her first post began quite boldly to answer subscribers, although their questions were quite innocent. For example, to the follower’s phrase that he is looking forward to her debut as a singer, Lourdes replied that she would “sing at his funeral.”

Not everyone appreciated such rudeness of the daughter of a world star. Later, an insider from a close circle, Lourdes, clarified that these phrases of the girl should not be taken literally: according to him, it was only a performance to attract attention.