Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who led the country from 2002 to 2010, planned to assassinate him. The newspaper La Vanguardia reported.

“I learned about the plan, which was led by Alvaro Uribe Velez with the participation of Colombian Ambassador to the United States Francisco Santos, who was discussed with Lester Toledo (one of the leaders and Deputy of the Venezuelan opposition),” said Maduro. According to him, 32 mercenaries had to come to Caracas to eliminate physically Maduro.

In August 2018, with the help of two drones, an attempt was made to assassinate Maduro at a time when he spoke at a ceremony in honor of the 81st anniversary of the creation of The National Bolivarian guard. The guards covered the President with body armor and led him away from the podium. The Venezuelan leader himself was not injured, but seven soldiers were injured.

In December last year, Maduro said that the responsibility for the assassination lies with the US authorities, noting that Washington “keeps silence, characteristic of the participants of the conspiracy.”

In June of this year, Maduro has estimated the cost of this attempt in the $ 20 million. Venezuelan leader blamed the deed on the Colombian authorities, but they deny all charges. Subsequently, the Venezuelan leader called the customer of the attempt on himself the adviser to US President on national security John Bolton. Maduro also claimed that he had all the evidence to ask for an investigation into Bolton. “He’s a criminal. He failed,” Maduro said.

In turn, Bolton said, “the US government did not participate in this.” The attempt could be the result of “widespread corruption and oppression” in Venezuela, he suggested. Later, the former head of the municipal police of Venezuela and opposition leader Salvatore Lucchese said that he helped the anti-government movement to organize an attack drone in Caracas.