Maduro expressed readiness to hold talks with the opposition through the mediation of other countries

According to the opposition, the establishment of contacts between the two sides was facilitated by Norway.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he is ready to enter into a dialogue with opposition leader Juan Guaido through the mediation of the government of Norway and other countries.

On Wednesday, opposition officials said Norway had facilitated contacts between the two sides in preparation for possible talks to resolve the country’s humanitarian and economic crisis.

Guaido team member Freddy Guevara said, “this is a process that has already begun.”

He added that the parties would have to hold “many meetings” in search of an agreement to mitigate the crisis after a seven-year recession and four years of hyperinflation.

In 2019, Guaido declared himself President pro tempore. The United States and other Western countries have recognized him as a legitimate leader, but Maduro has retained the support of the military and allies such as Russia, China, and Cuba. Neither the efforts of the opposition nor the US sanctions have been able to remove him from power.

Maduro said he would agree to talks mediated by the European Union and the Norwegian government, as well as the International Contact Group – a coalition to resolve the crisis in Venezuela, which includes countries in Europe and Latin America. “When they want, where they want, and how they want, I am ready to meet with all the opposition to see what happens,” he said.

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