The older sister of 50-year-old Mariah Carey, 57-year-old Alison, is suing her mother. Carey’s sister accused Patricia of allowing adult men to “have sexual intercourse” when she was only 10 years old, the document says.

Alison argues that in addition to being abused herself, she was also forced to watch other young people being abused “during the nightly satanic worship services that included ritual sacrifices.” The document does not provide details or evidence of these claims, the Daily Mail clarifies.

However, in it, Alison notes that as a result of what she saw and experienced, she was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, and depression, which led to drug abuse “in an attempt to suppress terrible memories.

Alison, 57, is known to have once worked as a prostitute and is HIV positive. Rumor has it that she lost all of her teeth and now desperately needs money to get them back. Alison does not communicate with her sister Mariah Carey and her mother, who once sang at the Metropolitan Opera.