Transgender woman Love Bailey, who worked as a stylist at one of Marilyn Manson’s photoshoots in 2011, said that the artist threatened her with a gun. She spoke about the incident in her Instagram Stories.

When Bailey came to Manson for the shooting, she discovered that the actress, with whom the musician had planned a photoset, was in an inadequate state and was about to faint. The stylist was, however, asked to prepare the undisclosed woman for the job. “I was crawling around the bed, which smelled of sex, and then Marilyn Manson put a gun to my head and said:

“I hate fagots,” and then laughed and pulled the trigger, “- said Bailey.

The stylist said she was shocked by what was happening. She said she was terrified trying to determine if Manson was famous enough not to kill her. Bailey also thought she was on some weird TV show.

On February 1, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood announced that Marilyn Manson was the victim of violence. After that, five more women made similar accusations.