Mark Strong, who played the role of Merlin in two parts of the Kingsman comedy action movie about British super agents – “The Secret Service” and “The Golden Ring”, wants to return to work in the next part of the franchise. His character died in the second part – saving his colleagues, he was blown up by a mine. But the actor doesn’t think that Merlin’s death in The Golden Ring will prevent him from returning in the next episodes.

“I would love to come back. My team with Colin Firth and Taron Edgerton turned out to be a great gang. I was sad about the ending of the second film, but in this universe, anything can happen. For example, Colin’s character has already come to life after being shot in the head. That is why Merlin will be able to, “- quoted by Strong

The third film about the secret service “King’s Man: The Beginning” tells the story of the founding of a secret organization and its struggle against tyrants who are pushing the world into global conflict. Its release is scheduled for December 22nd. Previously, director Matthew Vaughn said that this prequel is needed in order to better understand the events of the episode “Kingsman 2”.