Martian helicopter Ingenuity successfully took off in the changed atmosphere of the Red Planet.

On the Red Planet, the density of the atmosphere has decreased due to the beginning of summer.

Now the drone is in the Jezero crater: the temperature in it is getting higher, so in order to get off the ground, more power is needed.

Despite this, the mission leaders conducted the 14th flight on October 24: it was short and was needed only to test the take-off capabilities in the changed conditions.

According to available data, to lift off the surface of Mars, the rotor rotated its blades at a speed of 2700 rpm, while in previous flights for takeoff, rotation of the propeller at a speed of 2537 rpm was sufficient.

Ingenuity successfully performed a short jump at its current location to test the feasibility of using higher RPMs for low-density flights on the Red Planet. This test also confirmed the possibility of increasing revs if required by future flights.

A message from representatives of the jet propulsion laboratory