Superhero Deadpool films may lose their “adult” jokes after Marvel changes the movie franchise rating to 13+. This was reported by the portal We Got This Covered, citing blogger Grace Randolph, who said that the company is discussing this possibility.

According to Randolph, the movie Deadpool 3 will be released no earlier than 2023, and until then, the character may appear in other Marvel projects.

Studio films are shot primarily for a family audience – in connection with this, potential films with the participation of Deadpool may be allowed to be watched by teenagers over 13 years old. According to an insider, Marvel allegedly will not return the hero to the ranks of “adults”.

However, there are no official comments from the studio yet.
The first Deadpool, which told the story of a special forces soldier who became a hitman and got superpowers, was released in 2016, directed by Tim Miller (Terminator: Dark Fates), the main role was played by Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool 2 premiered in 2018, with Brad Pitt, Josh Brolin, Zazi Bitts joining Reynolds on the screen. The director was David Litch (“Explosive Blonde”). The tapes are based on the comics of Rob Leftfield and Fabian Nitziez. The Deadpool franchise previously became the property of Disney (the company also owns Marvel Studios).