Law enforcement authorities arrested the suspect

The Kerr County, Texas, Sheriff’s office said local law enforcement agencies, in cooperation with federal agencies, was able to prevent a mass shooting.

According to a published press release, “On May 27, the Special Operations Division of the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office intercepted a report that Blevins was preparing for a mass shooting. In the message, Mr. Blevins made a specific threat, including to “Walmart.” In cooperation with the FBI, Kerr County Sheriff’s Office investigators confirmed Mr. Blevins ‘ ability to execute the plan and immediately proceeded to arrest him.”

The arrest involved county police, state police, the FBI, and the US Secret Service.

During the search of the 28-year-old suspect’s home, firearms, ammunition, digital evidence, concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol, “items of radical ideology, including books, flags and handwritten documents” were seized.

According to law enforcement agencies, since the suspect is currently on probation for another criminal offense, he is prohibited from owning a firearm. The suspect is being held in the county jail. The deposit amount is $ 250,000.