Matthew McConaughey recently appeared on a morning show on CBS, where he criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott for cancelling the state’s masking regime. McConaughey, born in Texas, believes the governor is in a hurry and insists that masks still need to be worn.

“I was a little overwhelmed by his decision. I realized when they announced the resumption of the work of the enterprises. But I did not understand the cancellation of masks. We are already close to ending this [pandemic] situation. Pulling on a mask is a minor inconvenience. And I want to remind the Texans and everyone else that we should not be afraid of masks.

It’s just a slight inconvenience today for the sake of more freedom tomorrow. And I appeal to people worldwide: if you have a choice, keep wearing the mask. This has been proven to help. We don’t have to endure it too long. We can handle it. Thank you, ” McConaughey said.

Earlier this month, he mentioned that he was “considering” running for governor of Texas. In this interview, he was again asked if he wants to become a candidate.

“As I said, I’m thinking about this idea. It would be foolish not to think about it. It is very honourable to reflect on what this position would mean for the people of Texas and me. I have to decide for myself where I can be most useful at this stage in my life, ” Matthew replied.